Campfire Audio Holocene: Uppercut!

Greetings! Today we’re checking out one of Campfire Audio’s newer mid-range offerings, the triple armature Holocene. While the colour scheme is reminiscent of their original flagship, the Jupiter, the sound tuning is inspired by the limited edition c/2019 Q4. Inside each shell are three balanced armatures per side, housed within Campfire Audio’s now ubiquitous 3D printed acoustic chamber. Unique to the Holocene and release mate, … Continue reading Campfire Audio Holocene: Uppercut!

Dunu ZEN: Immerse Yourself

Greetings! Today we’re checking out the ZEN, Dunu’s entry into what has become a very competitive, upper mid-range market. Like Dunu’s flagship Luna, the ZEN moves away from the hybrid and armature-only configurations that have become quite popular in recent years. This doesn’t mean it’s a simple product. The 13.5mm dynamic used in the ZEN utilizes technology derived from the Luna. The wide, cone-shaped dome … Continue reading Dunu ZEN: Immerse Yourself

Dunu Zen: Unboxing Video

Greetings, Dunu’s snazzy new Zen was unexpectedly sent over for review and arrived today. Decided to unbox it on video for you. Wasn’t planning on making more vids and sold my main video camera, so please excuse the quality. Sound impressions to come. Will likely be posted to the FB group. Feel free to join if you haven’t already; Specifications: Driver: Dynamic with Magnesium … Continue reading Dunu Zen: Unboxing Video