Astrotec S70: Affordable ANC

Greetings! Today we’re checking out Astrotec’s latest entry into their S lineup of true wireless (TWS) earphones, the S70. My first introduction to Astrotec’s true wireless earphones was the S60, a very compact, fairly affordable product that utilized balanced armatures instead of the much more common dynamic drivers found in pretty much everything from their competitors. The S60 5.0 (revised version) is still one of, … Continue reading Astrotec S70: Affordable ANC

KZ S2: A Game Of Inches

Greetings, If you’ve been following my content over the years you’ll know that Knowledge Zenith (KZ) has played a big part in my journey from total newb to whatever I am now. I was around for their early models like the ANV, Micro Ring, and R3, and saw them finally break into the mainstream to set things alight with affordable hybrid iems like the ZST … Continue reading KZ S2: A Game Of Inches

Dudios Shuttle: Sound Transportation

Greetings, Today we are checking out yet another budget friendly true wireless (TWS) earphone, the Dudios Shuttle. Dudios is one of those brands I see cropping up in ‘Amazon’s Choice’ links on Amazon, and on random ‘Best Of’ lists for inexpensive wireless gear. Beyond that, I’m not familiar with anything they’ve released since they aren’t a brand that remained on my radar after those initial, … Continue reading Dudios Shuttle: Sound Transportation

HIFIMAN TWS 600: Finally, Something Different

Greetings! Today we’re checking out HIFIMAN’s TWS 600, their first entry into the booming truly wireless earphone market. Bluetooth products have become commonplace within the last few years thanks to improvements in sound quality, connection reliability, and us consumers being somewhat forced into them thanks to major manufacturers opting to remove headphone jacks from their products. Annoying, but so is the world we live in. … Continue reading HIFIMAN TWS 600: Finally, Something Different