Tin HiFi T4: Single Dynamics Have Still Got It!

Greetings! Today we’re checking out another new release from Tin HiFi, the T4. Back in 2017, a great sounding earphone was released on the world. That earphone was the TinAudio T2. Despite receiving almost unanimously positive feedback, it flew under the radar until a few key hypsters got their hands on it. It has since become a staple recommendation to anyone wanting a well-built, neutral-leaning … Continue reading Tin HiFi T4: Single Dynamics Have Still Got It!

TinHiFi T3: Mind….Blown

Greetings, TinHiFi, formerly and probably still better known as TinAudio, is a relatively new company and one that has built quite the reputation within a very short period of time. Back in 2017 they released a dual-dynamic earphone under the name T2. This was at a time when budget hybrids were at their peak and having a dual-dynamic setup wasn’t the attention grabbing feature it … Continue reading TinHiFi T3: Mind….Blown

TinHiFi T3: Preview

Greetings, The TinHiFi T2 came out of nowhere in 2017, rapidly becoming one of the most highly recommended budget earphones. The combination of a low price, great build, and most importantly a near neutral signature made it an easy recommendation. TinHiFi followed up the T2 with a pro variant nearly a year later, though it didn’t go over quite as well as a result of … Continue reading TinHiFi T3: Preview

TinHiFi T2 Pro: Update To A Modern Classic

Greetings! In 2017, TinAudio (now TinHiFi) confidently took over the budget market with the T2. It was an affordable, well-built dual-dynamic earphone that brought to the segment a near-neutral signature which was quite uncommon for 50 USD. Once the word got out, it became a fan favorite and a go to recommendation for many. When I heard TinHiFi was prepping to release an updated T2 … Continue reading TinHiFi T2 Pro: Update To A Modern Classic