Greetings! Earlier this year ADVANCED released the GT3, an earphone with a super speedy driver, lots of treble, and tons of detail. It’s a quality listen and a beautifully built piece of equipment but catered to a more rigid crowd looking for accuracy and clarity than outright fun. Bass. It is the bane of an audiophiles existence. It doesn’t sound natural when it’s boosted that … Continue reading ADVANCED GT3 Superbass: SUPERBASS!!!

ADVANCED GT3 Superbass: Preview

Greetings, Today we’re taking a quick first look at a new variant of the GT3 from ADVANCED, the Superbass. Earlier this year the GT3 hit the market and impressed with it’s extremely quick and well controlled drivers that output a bright and detailed signature. The Superbass looks almost the same, but with an ominous new paint job that hints at what lies within; an experience … Continue reading ADVANCED GT3 Superbass: Preview