Campfire Audio Andromeda: As Expected

Greetings! Today we’re checking out the Andromeda from Campfire Audio. Does this thing really need an introduction? For the sake of writing a complete review, sure, but I’ll keep it brief. The Andromeda first appeared on the market in 2016 and took the portable audio community by storm thanks to a balanced tune that does pretty much everything right. Over the years it has continued … Continue reading Campfire Audio Andromeda: As Expected

BGVP DM7: Flyin’ High

Greetings! Today we’re checking out BGVPs newest flagship and follow up to the uber successful DM6, the DM7. BGVP has really been on a bender lately with their releases. The DM6 and DMG were some high value, high performance products that looked and sounded fantastic, and were a huge step up from past products of theirs, at least those I’ve tried. The DM7 looks to … Continue reading BGVP DM7: Flyin’ High

Fearless S6 Rui: Ultimo!

Greetings! Today we’re checking out one of the mid-range models in the Fearless lineup, the S6 Rui. The last few years have seen Chinese audio manufacturers really take off, and they’re not slowing down. With brands like Knowledge Zenith absolutely dominating the budget sector, it was only natural for other markets to see massive growth too. For 150 bucks you can get a feature rich … Continue reading Fearless S6 Rui: Ultimo!