Head-to-Head: Moondrop Starfield vs. Simgot EN700 Pro

Greetings! During the ‘before times’ of 2017, the Simgot EN700 Pro crossed my plate. Simgot was getting a ton of outstanding feedback for their products and the design of the EN700 Pro was so very eye catching. At the time I had been drooling over various orthodynamic headphones and the EN700 Pro strongly evoked them with it’s slatted face plates and ovular shell design. Plus, … Continue reading Head-to-Head: Moondrop Starfield vs. Simgot EN700 Pro

Double Tap R2: Temple of Bullets

Greetings! In May of 2017 I had the chance to check out a very cool earphone from a very unique brand. The R1 from Double Tap Audio was crafted from expended .40 calibre casings, fitted with 10mm dynamic drivers, magnets where the primers were, with fed music to you through 550 nylon paracord coated cables. In addition to simply looking awesome, they were hella durable … Continue reading Double Tap R2: Temple of Bullets

Kinera IDUN: Make mine a McIntosh

Greetings, Today we’re taking a look at Kinera’s newest hybrid earphone, the IDUN Limited Edition (LE). In Norse mythology, Idun was the goddess of rejuvenation, dispensing fruit that sustained immortality among the gods and goddesses of Asgard. While not clear on what kind of fruit it was, apples seem to be the popular consensus which makes “Idun’s Apple” a fitting subtitle for Kinera’s release of … Continue reading Kinera IDUN: Make mine a McIntosh

Simgot EN700 Pro: Quality

Greetings! Today we’re checking out the new EN700 from Simgot. Simgot is not yet a well-established brand being founded only in June of 2015, but in their two short years on the market have made quite a name for themselves with their EN700 lineup of earphones. The original EN700 turned heads with a unique design that seemed to take design inspiration from high end planar … Continue reading Simgot EN700 Pro: Quality