BQEYZ Spring 2: Piezo Done Right

Greetings! Today we’re checking out one of the more impressive products to have crossed my plate this year, the Spring II from BQEYZ. My first experience with the brand was through the KC2, a very well-tuned quad-driver hybrid that recently saw a resurgence in popularity. I quite enjoy it and still pull it out for the occasional listen and comparison to more current gear. Why? … Continue reading BQEYZ Spring 2: Piezo Done Right

RHA CL2 Planar: First To The Fight

Greetings! Today we’re checking out an exciting new earphone from Scottish outfit RHA, the CL2 Planar. The newest trend in in-ear monitors (iems) seems to be planar drivers. Audeze started us off last year with the iSINE10 and 20 which were basically a 30mm planar driver set within a Tie Fighter-inspired shell. Not the most elegant thing in the world, but they looked pretty awesome … Continue reading RHA CL2 Planar: First To The Fight

ADVANCED Alpha: Top Dog

Greetings! Today we’re going to be taking a look at ADVANCED’s current flagship headphone, the Alpha. As the running top dog of ADVANCED’s fleet, the Alpha needs to stand out in one form or another to draw attention. With massive 96mm planar magnetic drivers (or orthodynamic if you prefer that term) controlled by powerful n48 magnets, the Alpha delivers a spacious and detailed sound scape. … Continue reading ADVANCED Alpha: Top Dog


Greetings! Today we’re reviewing an all-new planar magnetic headphone from ADVANCED, the GT-R. ADVANCED’s freshman offering, the M4, was an awesome little micro-driver based earphone with a reasonably neutral signature. It’s build was fantastic and price right at under 50 USD. My next experience was with their Model 3, a warm in ear with a detachable MMCX equipped Bluetooth dongle and low profile, Shure-style housing. … Continue reading ADVANCED GT-R: GODZILLA!!!

HiFiMan Susvara: The Sweetest Voice

Greetings, Today we’re looking at HiFiMan’s newest flagship planar magnetic, open-back masterpiece; the Susvara. Starting with the HE5 in 2009, HiFiMan has been updating and refining their designs and planar technology throughout the years. The result of this consistent development has brought to those in the position to afford it a marvel of sound reproduction in the form of the Susvara. One of the accomplishments … Continue reading HiFiMan Susvara: The Sweetest Voice