Tin HiFi T4: Single Dynamics Have Still Got It!

Greetings! Today we’re checking out another new release from Tin HiFi, the T4. Back in 2017, a great sounding earphone was released on the world. That earphone was the TinAudio T2. Despite receiving almost unanimously positive feedback, it flew under the radar until a few key hypsters got their hands on it. It has since become a staple recommendation to anyone wanting a well-built, neutral-leaning … Continue reading Tin HiFi T4: Single Dynamics Have Still Got It!

2019 Super Award Ceremony of Audio Excellence

Welcome Back! Today I’m handing out accolades to products that won my heart throughout 2019. These weren’t necessarily best in class in every case, but the ones that stuck around in my daily driver lineup and made the most impact long term, or as long a term as could be given they were all received and reviewing during the 2019 calendar year. Let’s get started! … Continue reading 2019 Super Award Ceremony of Audio Excellence

TinHiFi P1: Evolution

Greetings, Today we’re checking out TinHiFi’s newest release, the P1. Back in October of 2017, TinHiFi (previously known as TinAudio) quietly took over the budget scene with the T2. It was a dual-dynamic earphone and it’s combination of low price, outstanding build quality, and one of the closest things to neutral without being deathly boring won over a crowd infatuated with hybrids and flashy specs. … Continue reading TinHiFi P1: Evolution