FiiO FA1: 3D BayBee!!

Greetings! Today we’re checking out one of FiiO’s first forays into the balanced armature market, the FA1. The FA1 is an earphone with some appealing features, like lightweight, 3D printed, custom-styled housings, the use of a Knowles 33357 full-range driver, and the ability to replace the cables via a common MMCX connector. Add to that an extensive accessory kit and a low price tag of … Continue reading FiiO FA1: 3D BayBee!!

TinHiFi T3: Mind….Blown

Greetings, TinHiFi, formerly and probably still better known as TinAudio, is a relatively new company and one that has built quite the reputation within a very short period of time. Back in 2017 they released a dual-dynamic earphone under the name T2. This was at a time when budget hybrids were at their peak and having a dual-dynamic setup wasn’t the attention grabbing feature it … Continue reading TinHiFi T3: Mind….Blown

Brainwavz KOEL: You’d be cuckoo not to enjoy this!

Greetings, Today we’re checking out the new single armature earphone from Brainwavz, the KOEL. At the beginning of 2017, Brainwavz decided to revisit balanced armatures with their new B-Series earphones. The single driver B100 was my favourite of the the two I had heard at the time (B100 and B150), completely winning me over with a crisp, detailed signature that didn’t skimp on the low … Continue reading Brainwavz KOEL: You’d be cuckoo not to enjoy this!