LZ A7: Packed To The Grills

Greetings! Today we’re checking out a new tri-hybrid earphone, this time from LZ. The A7 builds on the rampant success of it’s predecessors. With a 7 driver setup (one dynamic for the lows, two Knowles BAs for the mids, two Knowles BA’s for the highs, and dual Piezoelectric ceramic tweeters for ultra-highs), removable cables, and a tuning system replete with interchangeable nozzles and a single … Continue reading LZ A7: Packed To The Grills

Shozy Rouge: Pink Nightmares

Greetings! Today we’re checking out another release from Shozy, the Rouge. While 2020 has been a nightmare for many, Shozy has been a shining beacon of hope thanks to a slew of outstanding releases. The Form 1.1 and Form 1.4 are some of my favourite products of the year, especially the latter, so when I saw the Rouge was on the horizon I knew I … Continue reading Shozy Rouge: Pink Nightmares

Dunu studio SA3: A New Beginning

Greetings! Today we’re checking out the first of Dunu’s entries into the all-armature market, the SA3. Dunu was a pioneering brand when it came to affordable hybrids competing directly with the high-end market, and also produced their fair share of above average single dynamics. When they announced they were going to try their hand at an armature-only lineup, my ears perked up and I took … Continue reading Dunu studio SA3: A New Beginning

Shozy Form 1.4 vs. Shozy Rouge

Greetings, Today we’re conducting a quick comparison between one of my favourite earphones of the year with a newcomer to Shozy’s lineup. It’s time to compare the Form 1.4 and Rouge. The Form 1.4 features four balanced armatures and a single dynamic compared to the Rouge’s dual armature, single dynamic setup. The price gap is minimal with the Rouge coming in only 20 USD under … Continue reading Shozy Form 1.4 vs. Shozy Rouge

FiiO FA9: The Pantologist

Greetings! Today we’re checking out something truly special, that being the flagship for FiiO’s armature-only lineup, the FA9. While probably best known for their amps, dacs, and DAPs, FiiO has been humming along nicely with their earphone releases. Single dynamic, hybrids, and armature-only models abound. The FA9 is their new armature only flagship with some features that help set it apart from other products in … Continue reading FiiO FA9: The Pantologist

Hifiman RE600s: Timely Classic

Greetings! Today we’re checking out an older release from Hifiman, the RE600s. While this brand is probably still best known for their planar headphones, their iem lineup has received it’s fair share of accolades over the years. The RE600s is one of them, though it has largely become overlooked in what is a shockingly fast moving industry. New releases are forgotten within the month, and … Continue reading Hifiman RE600s: Timely Classic

2019 Super Award Ceremony of Audio Excellence

Welcome Back! Today I’m handing out accolades to products that won my heart throughout 2019. These weren’t necessarily best in class in every case, but the ones that stuck around in my daily driver lineup and made the most impact long term, or as long a term as could be given they were all received and reviewing during the 2019 calendar year. Let’s get started! … Continue reading 2019 Super Award Ceremony of Audio Excellence

Brainwavz HEX: Bewitched

Greetings, Today we’re checking out the new HEX from Brainwavz. When I first saw this product announced, there were a few things that drew my attention. The first of course was the design. The hexagonal, honeycomb pattern adorning the face plate immediately grabbed my eye as it gave the 3D printed HEX a unique look, especially in their now familiar ‘Stay Frosty’ color scheme. Second … Continue reading Brainwavz HEX: Bewitched

Campfire Audio Andromeda: As Expected

Greetings! Today we’re checking out the Andromeda from Campfire Audio. Does this thing really need an introduction? For the sake of writing a complete review, sure, but I’ll keep it brief. The Andromeda first appeared on the market in 2016 and took the portable audio community by storm thanks to a balanced tune that does pretty much everything right. Over the years it has continued … Continue reading Campfire Audio Andromeda: As Expected

TinHiFi P1: Evolution

Greetings, Today we’re checking out TinHiFi’s newest release, the P1. Back in October of 2017, TinHiFi (previously known as TinAudio) quietly took over the budget scene with the T2. It was a dual-dynamic earphone and it’s combination of low price, outstanding build quality, and one of the closest things to neutral without being deathly boring won over a crowd infatuated with hybrids and flashy specs. … Continue reading TinHiFi P1: Evolution

BGVP DM7: Flyin’ High

Greetings! Today we’re checking out BGVPs newest flagship and follow up to the uber successful DM6, the DM7. BGVP has really been on a bender lately with their releases. The DM6 and DMG were some high value, high performance products that looked and sounded fantastic, and were a huge step up from past products of theirs, at least those I’ve tried. The DM7 looks to … Continue reading BGVP DM7: Flyin’ High

BGVP DM6: Step Up Your Game

Greetings, Today we’re checking out the much adored DM6, a quintuple armature earphone from BGVP. BGVP and I have had a checkered past. Most of their earlier products were wonderful to look at and feel, but fell flat on their face when it came to how they sounded. Uninspired, generic, dull, etc. just to toss out some unflattering terms. All this changed with the DMG, … Continue reading BGVP DM6: Step Up Your Game

Fearless S6 Rui: Ultimo!

Greetings! Today we’re checking out one of the mid-range models in the Fearless lineup, the S6 Rui. The last few years have seen Chinese audio manufacturers really take off, and they’re not slowing down. With brands like Knowledge Zenith absolutely dominating the budget sector, it was only natural for other markets to see massive growth too. For 150 bucks you can get a feature rich … Continue reading Fearless S6 Rui: Ultimo!

FiiO FA1: 3D BayBee!!

Greetings! Today we’re checking out one of FiiO’s first forays into the balanced armature market, the FA1. The FA1 is an earphone with some appealing features, like lightweight, 3D printed, custom-styled housings, the use of a Knowles 33357 full-range driver, and the ability to replace the cables via a common MMCX connector. Add to that an extensive accessory kit and a low price tag of … Continue reading FiiO FA1: 3D BayBee!!

TinHiFi T3: Mind….Blown

Greetings, TinHiFi, formerly and probably still better known as TinAudio, is a relatively new company and one that has built quite the reputation within a very short period of time. Back in 2017 they released a dual-dynamic earphone under the name T2. This was at a time when budget hybrids were at their peak and having a dual-dynamic setup wasn’t the attention grabbing feature it … Continue reading TinHiFi T3: Mind….Blown