Dunu DM-480: Twins Basil!

Greetings! Today we’re checking out one of Dunu’s most recent releases, the DM-480. Dunu is far from new to the audio world, having been an OEM/ODM prior to firing up their own earphone brand in 2006. Around the time I was jumping feet first into the hobby, they were delivering some pretty groundbreaking products like the Titan 1, 3, 5, and the DN-2000. The Titan … Continue reading Dunu DM-480: Twins Basil!

Shozy X AAW Hibiki Mk.2: Hibiki Refined

Greetings, Last year, Shozy teamed up with AAW and released the Hibiki. It was a single dynamic driver earphone with a fun v-shaped signature, removable cables and stylish carbon fibre face plates. Today we’re checking 2018’s revised version of this earphone, the Hibiki Mk.2. Let’s dive right in to see why I think this is the version of the Hibiki that most deserves your attention. … Continue reading Shozy X AAW Hibiki Mk.2: Hibiki Refined