Hidizs MS1 – Rainbow: Middle Of The Road

Greetings! Today we are checking out the MS1 – Rainbow from Hidizs. Hidizs has been around since 2009 and successfully released their first digital audio player (DAP), the AP100, in 2014. While best known for their DAPs, in 2019 they expanded their product portfolio to include earphones under the ‘Mermaid’ moniker; MS1 and MS4. While I never had the chance to try them out, they … Continue reading Hidizs MS1 – Rainbow: Middle Of The Road

Shozy Form 1.1: Fun IS Fun

Greetings! Today we’re checking out the Form 1.1, an affordable hybrid earphone from Shozy. Last month I reviewed Shozy’s newest mid-range offering, the Form 1.4. At 199.00 USD it is a seriously impressive earphone bringing with it a classy, comfortable design and a hybrid driver setup that is bassy without sacrificing the midrange or treble quality or quantity. It has a wonderful sound stage, is … Continue reading Shozy Form 1.1: Fun IS Fun