FiiO uBTR: Micro Machine

Greetings! Today we’re checking out a budget friendly Bluetooth module from juggernauts in the portable audio industry, FiiO. FiiO has been around since 2007 and quickly arose to become one of the premier Chinese manufacturers as a result of products like their iconic X-Series media players. Their current lineup is wide reaching and includes DAP, amps, earphones, accessories, and Bluetooth modules like the µBTR we’re … Continue reading FiiO uBTR: Micro Machine

Walnut V2s: Back to Basics

Greetings! Today we’re going to be taking a look at a basic DAP/AMP, taking form in the Walnut V2s. Sometimes all you want is a straightforward, simple to use player. One that’s low on features and frills, doesn’t take a massive chunk out of your wallet, and doesn’t skimp on sound quality. The Walnut V2s does all of this quite well. Let’s check out why, … Continue reading Walnut V2s: Back to Basics