Tenhz K5: 2+2, All Grown Up

Greetings! Today we’re checking out an impressive hybrid from Tenhz, the K5. A couple years ago Knowledge Zenith (KZ) stirred the pot and started a new trend with the creation of their uber successful budget 2+2 hybrid, the ZS5. Tons of other companies hopped on the hype train to try their hand at the format, such as the BGVP DM5, BQEYZ KC2, TRN V80, Revonext … Continue reading Tenhz K5: 2+2, All Grown Up

Alpha & Delta D6: Challenging “The King”

Greetings, Today we’re checking out Alpha & Delta’s flagship earphone, the D6. Alpha & Delta (A&D) is the in-house brand of the popular retailer out of Singapore, Lend Me Ur Ears. The brand was launched with a simple but rugged sports earphone, the D2, which was well-received within the portable audio community. That was followed up by the dual dynamic AD01 which warmed the hearts … Continue reading Alpha & Delta D6: Challenging “The King”