Cozoy Takt C: Mixed Feelings

Greetings, Today we’re tackling another unit in the growing dongle army, this time from Cozoy, the Takt C. Cozoy was founded in 2014, making a name for themselves through the offering of distinctively designed products with performance that matched their bold look. The Takt lineup has actually been around for a couple years now and was initially composed of the Apple Lightning equipped Takt, and … Continue reading Cozoy Takt C: Mixed Feelings

Radsone Earstudio HUD100: Aced It!

Greetings! Today we’re checking out Radsone’s newest DAC/amp, the HUD100. 2018 saw the release of the ES100 which was an outstanding Bluetooth receiver that took portable audio forums by storm. It offered up a mind boggling feature list along with sound quality and wireless performance at a price the competition simply couldn’t match. From what I’ve been seeing, they’re only now beginning to catch up. … Continue reading Radsone Earstudio HUD100: Aced It!