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Tag: Brainwavz

Hifiman Deva: Impressions So Far

Greetings! Today we’re taking a quick look at the Deva, Hifiman’s newest planar magnetic headphone. What stands the Deva apart from other headphones of this style is the inclusion of […]

Brainwavz HEX: Bewitched

Greetings, Today we’re checking out the new HEX from Brainwavz. When I first saw this product announced, there were a few things that drew my attention. The first of course […]

Brainwavz B200 (v2): Accurate to 2000 Paces

Greetings, Today we’re checking out the B200 from Brainwavz. The B200 was originally released early 2017 alongside the B100 and B150. What set the B200 apart from it’s more budget […]

Brainwavz B200: First Impressions

Greetings, A couple years back Brainwavz announced they were going to be releasing a new lineup of armature-only models which included a number of models with one, two, three or […]

FiiO FA1: 3D BayBee!!

Greetings! Today we’re checking out one of FiiO’s first forays into the balanced armature market, the FA1. The FA1 is an earphone with some appealing features, like lightweight, 3D printed, […]

TinHiFi T3: Mind….Blown

Greetings, TinHiFi, formerly and probably still better known as TinAudio, is a relatively new company and one that has built quite the reputation within a very short period of time. […]

Brainwavz Alara: Pull you in from afara

Greetings! Today we’re checking out a new headphone from Brainwavz, the Alara. Established in 2008 and owned by GPGS, Brainwavz is no stranger to the audio market. With classics like […]

Brainwavz HM100: One with the Wood

Greetings, Today we’re taking a look at Brainwavz’s newest full-sized dynamic driver headphone, the HM100. Celebrating their 10th year anniversary this year, 2018, Brainwavz has cemented themselves as a brand […]

Brainwavz ZETA: Reliable

Greetings! Today we’re checking out the ZETA, a new entry level offering from Brainwavz. Brainwavz is a brand I am quite familiar with as over the years they have provided […]

Brainwavz First Look: HM100 / Zeta

Greetings, A couple new products from Brainwavz arrived and I’ve spent the last couple days giving them a listen. How are first impressions? Let’s find out. HM100 Opening the box […]

Brainwavz B400: Aim High, Hit Hard

Greetings! Today we’re checking out one of Brainwavz’s newest balanced armature (BA) only creation, the quad-driver B400. When I first heard last year that Brainwavz was jumping back into BA-based […]

Brainwavz B150: Balance in Armatures

Greetings! Today we are going to be looking at the second in Brainwavz’s new balanced armature (BA) lineup; the B150. The B100 was great, and the B150 is too. Brainwavz […]