Dunu Luna: World’s First

Greetings! Today we’re checking out the Luna, a new flagship single dynamic-based earphone with some “world’s first” technology running the show. Beryllium is a pretty sweet material to use for speakers. Dangerous to collect and manufacture, but the resultant qualities are worth it. It’s extremely light and stiff resulting in breakup/distortion later, and at higher frequencies than other more common materials, such as titanium. Whereas … Continue reading Dunu Luna: World’s First

FiiO FD1: Rounding Out

Greetings! Today we’re checking out one of FiiO’s newest releases, the FD1. The FD1 pull its physical side from the FH1S sharing the same low profile, ergonomic shell with unique celluloid faceplates, 0.78mm 2-pin system, and snazzy cable. Where the FH1S was a 1+1 hybrid, the FD1 rolls with a single dynamic. What sets it apart on the specs sheet is the use of beryllium … Continue reading FiiO FD1: Rounding Out

Campfire Audio Solaris: Awe Inspiring

Greetings, Today we’re checking out one of Campfire Audio’s newest premium releases, the four driver hybrid Solaris. It’s not often a new brand appears and sweeps an industry with game changing gear, and even less common for them to keep the momentum going in the following years. Campfire Audio, brainchild of ALO (Audio Line Out) founder Ken Ball, exploded onto the high end audio scene … Continue reading Campfire Audio Solaris: Awe Inspiring