Are you interested in having me review or feature your product? I’d be happy to discuss any review opportunities you may have available, be they of audio products or something entirely different. While I currently cover audio gear exclusively, this is The Contraptionist and I’m open to featuring other electronic gadgets. I can be reached at;

I try to keep all my reviews as unbiased as possible and free of influence by outside sources such as a manufacturer or retailer. I do not accept money in exchange for a review, though many of the samples I am sent do not need to be returned. I do not guarantee positive reviews either. A good review outlines the positive and negative qualities inherent in any product because nothing is perfect, and I aim to ensure such qualities are raised in my coverage.

I do not have a rating system simply because I feel they take away from the review and the user experience covered within. If you find rating systems helpful, I suggest following me on Head-fi where I post all of my audio reviews under the handle B9Scrambler. Head-fi’s system displays a star rating and product pros and cons prior to every written review.

Thanks for stopping by this section. Be sure to follow the blog if you like my reviews!

– B9Scrambler


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