Dunu Zen: Unboxing Video

Greetings, Dunu’s snazzy new Zen was unexpectedly sent over for review and arrived today. Decided to unbox it on video for you. Wasn’t planning on making more vids and sold my main video camera, so please excuse the quality. Sound impressions to come. Will likely be posted to the FB group. Feel free to join if you haven’t already; https://www.facebook.com/groups/thecontraptionist Specifications: Driver: Dynamic with Magnesium … Continue reading Dunu Zen: Unboxing Video

Campfire Audio: The 2020 Crew

Greetings! Today we’re taking a look at Campfire’s newest trifecta of top of the line earphones; Andromeda 2020, Solaris 2020, and the all-new Ara (air-ah). Starting with the Andromeda, externally it is virtually unchanged save for a revised nozzle that falls in line with the slatted design that has been common to the lineup since the Comet/Atlas. Inside is where the major changes have taken … Continue reading Campfire Audio: The 2020 Crew

Moondrop SSR: Unboxing Video

Greetings, It’s been a while since I put a video up on my channel, so here you go; an unboxing of the Moondrop SSR. More coverage to come over the coming weeks so keep your eyes open. Next up in the review queue is the Astrotec Phoenix. That review should be good to go sometime this weekend. Stay safe and thanks for stopping by! – … Continue reading Moondrop SSR: Unboxing Video