Head-to-Head: Moondrop Starfield vs. Simgot EN700 Pro

Greetings! During the ‘before times’ of 2017, the Simgot EN700 Pro crossed my plate. Simgot was getting a ton of outstanding feedback for their products and the design of the EN700 Pro was so very eye catching. At the time I had been drooling over various orthodynamic headphones and the EN700 Pro strongly evoked them with it’s slatted face plates and ovular shell design. Plus, … Continue reading Head-to-Head: Moondrop Starfield vs. Simgot EN700 Pro

Simgot EN700 Pro: Quality

Greetings! Today we’re checking out the new EN700 from Simgot. Simgot is not yet a well-established brand being founded only in June of 2015, but in their two short years on the market have made quite a name for themselves with their EN700 lineup of earphones. The original EN700 turned heads with a unique design that seemed to take design inspiration from high end planar … Continue reading Simgot EN700 Pro: Quality