2019 Super Award Ceremony of Audio Excellence

Welcome Back! Today I’m handing out accolades to products that won my heart throughout 2019. These weren’t necessarily best in class in every case, but the ones that stuck around in my daily driver lineup and made the most impact long term, or as long a term as could be given they were all received and reviewing during the 2019 calendar year. Let’s get started! … Continue reading 2019 Super Award Ceremony of Audio Excellence

Fearless S6 Rui: Ultimo!

Greetings! Today we’re checking out one of the mid-range models in the Fearless lineup, the S6 Rui. The last few years have seen Chinese audio manufacturers really take off, and they’re not slowing down. With brands like Knowledge Zenith absolutely dominating the budget sector, it was only natural for other markets to see massive growth too. For 150 bucks you can get a feature rich … Continue reading Fearless S6 Rui: Ultimo!