Dunu Luna: World’s First

Greetings! Today we’re checking out the Luna, a new flagship single dynamic-based earphone with some “world’s first” technology running the show. Beryllium is a pretty sweet material to use for speakers. Dangerous to collect and manufacture, but the resultant qualities are worth it. It’s extremely light and stiff resulting in breakup/distortion later, and at higher frequencies than other more common materials, such as titanium. Whereas … Continue reading Dunu Luna: World’s First

Campfire Audio Ara: A new direction

Greetings! Today we’re checking out the new top dog model in Campfire Audio’s armature-only lineup, the Ara (air-ah). Campfire’s gear in my experience has mostly been about providing an entertaining, but not necessarily accurate experience. The Atlas and Polaris were hella fun, v-shaped bass monsters, the IO a bright little beast laser focused on mids, and the Andromeda a killer all-rounder with a little bit … Continue reading Campfire Audio Ara: A new direction

KZ ZSN Pro X: Misled

**IGNORE THIS EARPHONE. Get the DQ6 instead. You’re welcome.** Greetings! Today we’re checking out another new release from KZ, the ZSN Pro X. This newest lineup of releases from the brand finally seems intent on somewhat unifying the sporadic naming schemes of old, adding an X somewhere in the name; ZST X, ZSN Pro X, EDX, ZAX, etc. I’m all for this, especially if it … Continue reading KZ ZSN Pro X: Misled

Dunu studio SA3: A New Beginning

Greetings! Today we’re checking out the first of Dunu’s entries into the all-armature market, the SA3. Dunu was a pioneering brand when it came to affordable hybrids competing directly with the high-end market, and also produced their fair share of above average single dynamics. When they announced they were going to try their hand at an armature-only lineup, my ears perked up and I took … Continue reading Dunu studio SA3: A New Beginning

Astrotec Volans: Niche

Greetings! Today we’re checking out a new single dynamic earphone from Astrotec, the Volans. Rolling with the astronomy-based theme they’ve been using on-and-off for a while now (ex. Lyra and Delphinus5), Volans is a southern constellation representing a flying fish. Interesting to me is is that its composition includes two galaxies as well as two double stars, the latter of which are apparently visible with … Continue reading Astrotec Volans: Niche

Shozy Form 1.4 vs. Shozy Rouge

Greetings, Today we’re conducting a quick comparison between one of my favourite earphones of the year with a newcomer to Shozy’s lineup. It’s time to compare the Form 1.4 and Rouge. The Form 1.4 features four balanced armatures and a single dynamic compared to the Rouge’s dual armature, single dynamic setup. The price gap is minimal with the Rouge coming in only 20 USD under … Continue reading Shozy Form 1.4 vs. Shozy Rouge

TinHiFi T2 Plus: Familiarity

Greetings, Today we’re checking out TinHiFi’s newest model in their popular T Series of earphones, the T2 Plus. TinHiFi became a sensation shortly after the release of the T2 thanks to its neutral-bright signature that was very much a novelty in the price range. With the exception of the T1 which is the warm, bassy, red-headed stepchild in the lineup, every release following the T2 … Continue reading TinHiFi T2 Plus: Familiarity

FiiO FD1: Rounding Out

Greetings! Today we’re checking out one of FiiO’s newest releases, the FD1. The FD1 pull its physical side from the FH1S sharing the same low profile, ergonomic shell with unique celluloid faceplates, 0.78mm 2-pin system, and snazzy cable. Where the FH1S was a 1+1 hybrid, the FD1 rolls with a single dynamic. What sets it apart on the specs sheet is the use of beryllium … Continue reading FiiO FD1: Rounding Out

Moondrop SSR (Super Spaceship Reference): They’ve Done It Again

Greetings! Today we’re checking out an earphone that I was very excited to receive, the SSR, or Super Spaceship Reference. That second S for ‘Spaceship’ is why I was so pumped to review the SSR. The original Spaceship was one of my favourite purchases in 2019 and served as a near perfect daily driver for my listening needs. Small, comfy, and with a level of … Continue reading Moondrop SSR (Super Spaceship Reference): They’ve Done It Again

Hidizs MS1 – Rainbow: Middle Of The Road

Greetings! Today we are checking out the MS1 – Rainbow from Hidizs. Hidizs has been around since 2009 and successfully released their first digital audio player (DAP), the AP100, in 2014. While best known for their DAPs, in 2019 they expanded their product portfolio to include earphones under the ‘Mermaid’ moniker; MS1 and MS4. While I never had the chance to try them out, they … Continue reading Hidizs MS1 – Rainbow: Middle Of The Road

Campfire Audio: The 2020 Crew

Greetings! Today we’re taking a look at Campfire’s newest trifecta of top of the line earphones; Andromeda 2020, Solaris 2020, and the all-new Ara (air-ah). Starting with the Andromeda, externally it is virtually unchanged save for a revised nozzle that falls in line with the slatted design that has been common to the lineup since the Comet/Atlas. Inside is where the major changes have taken … Continue reading Campfire Audio: The 2020 Crew

Astrotec Phoenix: Sub-Bass Royalty

Greetings! Today we’re checking out Astrotec’s newest flagship, the Phoenix. Their previous flagship, the Delphinus5 equipped with five Knowles armatures per side, was and still is one of my favourite earphones. It is one of the most neutral and flat sounding reference products I’ve heard, all the while looking fantastic in the process and being comfortable to boot. Still, the way it was tuned was … Continue reading Astrotec Phoenix: Sub-Bass Royalty

Moondrop SSR: Unboxing Video

Greetings, It’s been a while since I put a video up on my channel, so here you go; an unboxing of the Moondrop SSR. More coverage to come over the coming weeks so keep your eyes open. Next up in the review queue is the Astrotec Phoenix. That review should be good to go sometime this weekend. Stay safe and thanks for stopping by! – … Continue reading Moondrop SSR: Unboxing Video

FiiO FA9: The Pantologist

Greetings! Today we’re checking out something truly special, that being the flagship for FiiO’s armature-only lineup, the FA9. While probably best known for their amps, dacs, and DAPs, FiiO has been humming along nicely with their earphone releases. Single dynamic, hybrids, and armature-only models abound. The FA9 is their new armature only flagship with some features that help set it apart from other products in … Continue reading FiiO FA9: The Pantologist

Moondrop Spaceship: Long Term Review

Greetings! Today we’re checking out one of Moondrop’s most affordable products, the micro-dynamic equipped Spaceship. Moondrop is a brand that has skyrocketed in popularity among forum goers thanks to their excellent performance per dollar products and unique Anime girl packaging. The Spaceship was my first experience with one of their products and immediately cemented them as a brand worth following. After all, not many brands … Continue reading Moondrop Spaceship: Long Term Review