Welcome to my blog, Reader. I appreciate you taking the time to stop by and peruse this brief introduction to me and what I’m doing here.

I’m an audio enthusiast who loves earphones, headphones, and really, anything audio related. My journey into the hi-fi portable audio market started with the venerable JVC HA-FXT90 and a trade of sorts with NarMoo, a small earphone company out of California. You can read about that experience on my old blog here. Since then I’ve had the opportunity to review some awesome products for great companies like Brainwavz, RHA, Meze, Accutone, Mixcder, and others, and have met some wonderful people along the way.

Why do I review? Well, when I first started it was difficult to locate reviews that didn’t sound like they were simply pushing a product to help drive sales. My hunt for quality feedback led me to, IjokerI’s massive review thread, and a number of other reviewers that I have come to deeply respect and learn from. After some time I figured I would try my hand at reviewing. My goal is to provide you, the Reader, with honest feedback about a product. My reviews are intended to give you an genuine description of my experiences along with the pros and cons of a particular product to see if it’s something you would like and would be willing to drop your hard-earned cash on.

All I ask from you is for feedback. Your comments will help me grow and develop as a writer/reviewer, and in the end result in higher quality, more informative reviews.

Now go. Read, comment, and experience audio bliss!

– Thomas Smallman aka. B9Scrambler

*All images within this blog have been taken by me, unless stated otherwise.*



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