ddHiFi Sky (BC120B): Plush Candy Goodness


Today we’re checking out one of ddHiFi’s earphone and earbud upgrade cable options, the BC120B “Sky”.

I’m not one to push cables for the purposes of sound improvement, instead opting to swap cables for comfort, durability, aesthetics, or simply to replace a broken stock cable. Cables included as part of a product’s standard kit are rarely the best a brand has to offer, often saddled with inferior materials, a bland design, and/or poor design and handling characteristics.


When ddHiFi provided the Sky, it was sent alongside the original Janus back in November of 2020. The Janus’ stock cable, available separately as the BC120A “Forest”, is a genuinely fantastic inclusion and not one I had any desire to replace. Outside of a somewhat bland looking blue-grey sheath and weight which is a bit much for some lightweight, barrel-shaped earphones, it compromises on little else. It’s very flexible, utilizes premium hardware, doesn’t transmit cable noise (microphonics), and is extremely tangle resistant. As a result, not being able to test the “Sky” due to a lack of 4.4mm balanced out equipped gear wasn’t much of a loss.

This changed in early May when ddHiFi sent over their DJ44B and C adapters enabling me to use the Sky with existing gear, in particular the Earmen Sparrow with its 2.5mm balanced out. I’ve paired it with everything from budget friendly earphones like the TinHiFi T2 Plus, mid-range earphones like ddHiFi’s own Janus, and more premium products like the Astrotec Lyra Nature Limited Edition and Campfire Audio Dorado 2020. It has shown itself to be a worthy companion for any product I tossed it’s way. Let’s take a closer look.


Packaging is standard ddHiFi. The Sky arrives in a compact, environmentally friendly cardboard box with the usual branding and model information on the front, along with checked boxes to indicate exactly which version of the cable is inside. Is it terminated in a 2.5mm or 4.4mm balanced jack, or maybe a standard 3.5mm single ended jack? Are you getting MMCX or 0.78mm 2-pin connectors? Plenty of options available to ensure the Sky is personalized to your needs and gear. Sliding off the exterior sheath reveals a one-year limited manufacturers warranty card and the cable wrapped in a recyclable plastic bag. There is very little waste, and again, everything can be recycled which is awesome.

The cable itself is colourful and eye catching thanks to the four strands being colour coded to left and right channels; left is blue and white, right is green and red. As someone who is colour blind, requiring vibrant colours to easily tell what is what, such pale colours mean I can’t tell what any of them are. Thankfully my wife was able to help decipher the channel split. For anyone else in my colour-hindered boat, L and R markers are laser etched into the MMCX plugs. Thank you ddHiFi. While the perky design may not scream premium cable, once you have the Sky in hand you know it’s a step above standard pack in cables.


Each strand has a dense stiffness to it that feels at direct odds with the flexibility available. Noise transmission from the cable bumping and rubbing is extremely well controlled, though if you’re one to fidget with things and opt to fiddle with the cable above the y-split, you’ll hear your fingers dancing about. While the braiding is quite loose, something I’m not usually a fan of, ddHiFi has added stainless steel “stabilizing buckles” every 40cm or so to ensure the braid remains taught and consistent throughout. Apparently they also help with signal transmission, though I’m in no position to confirm or deny the validity of that statement.

Also stainless steel is most of the rest of the hardware, from the beefy straight jack with laser etched branding, to the extremely compact MMCX plugs which always plug in snug as a bug, free of any static or occasional disconnects if the cable swivels. Directly above the y-split is a rubber chin cinch which very effectively remains in place when in use, helping to ensure a stable and consistent fit regardless of the earphone the cable is being paired with. Preformed ear guides are also in use on the BC120B “Sky” and are some of the best I’ve come across. They are shorter and softer than most, but angle sharply. It’s easy to forget they’re even there because of how unobtrusive they are.


If I were to levy any complaints at the Sky, it would be at the lack of strain relief. Relief is nowhere to be found at the jack, y-split, or stabilizing buckle. Technically it’s also missing at the MMCX plugs, but the preformed guides can also act as strain relief so that section gets a pass.

Overall a high quality cable and a nice way to deck out your favourite iem with something comfortable, durable, and good looking (which is entirely subjective). I appreciate that you can customize the jack with a standard 3.5mm connector to either 2.5mm or 4.4mm balanced options, and equip it with either MMCX or 2-pin plugs. It’s certainly not an inexpensive cable, but it’s far from the hundreds of dollars (or more) that some brands demand.

Thanks for reading!

– B9


Disclaimer A big thanks to Lily with ddHiFi for asking if I’d like to cover the Sky and for sending over a sample. The thoughts within this review are based on time spent using it and do not represent ddHiFi or any other entity. At the time of writing the BC120B was retailing for 116.99 USD. You can check it out here on ddHiFi’s official site and/or their AliExpress store: https://www.ddhifi.com/productinfo/83588.html / www.aliexpress.com/item/1005001616246422.html

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