DDHiFi TC05: Get Up And Go


Today we’re checking out DDHiFi’s USB Type C OTG cable, the TC05.


When DDHiFi asked which products I’d be interested in covering, I immediately hopped onto their site to see if they had a Type C to Type C OTG cable in the lineup. Two of my favorite devices, the Radsone EarStudio HUD100 and EarMen TR-Amp didn’t come with such a cable, an odd omission given their intention to be used with mobile devices. Since I had been looking for just such a product to remedy this issue, I was hoping DDHiFi would come to the rescue. They did.

The TC05 showed up tidily dressed in a durable plastic case wrapped in a simple cardboard sheath. The sheath features the same classy, simple design used for the sheath on the C-2019 carrying case, with model information updated to reflect the TC05 of course. Saving on documentation, an image of the cable along with how it is used is printed on there too. Nice touch DDHiFi. Slipping off the sheath revealed the TC05 wrapped in a plastic bag set atop a social media card with scannable QR codes on the back.


Pulling out the cable itself, I was quite surprised at the build. The plugs are wrapped in a sandblasted aluminum alloy with arrows indicating which end is the source output, and which is the input for the receiving device. The strain relief present is just a slab of hard plastic so while it’s not really offering much protection, I don’t think this cable needs it. The inner cable of the TC05 is wrapped in a sheath made from a strip of stainless steel. This gives it excellent protection from sharp objects, being crushed, and general wear and tear. While you would expect this to limit flexibility, and it does somewhat, the limitations are very slight. The TC05 should have no issues bending however it needs to work within the confines of your portable audio setup. It worked perfectly with my various setups (LG Q70 > Earmen TR-Amp or Earstudio HUD100, Asus FX53V > Earmen TR-Amp or Earstudio HUD100, Asus FX53V > Fiio BTR3K) and perfectly fulfilled the goal I had in mind for it; taking my HUD100 and TR-Amp on the go with me.

I’m not really sure what else there is to say about a fairly basic cable. It’s inexpensive, extremely well-built, and works as advertised. It would be cool if there was a slightly shorter version with 90 degree angled plugs available but given we’re talking about DDHiFi and they have this available in a microUSB to microUSB format, I wouldn’t be surprised if one was already in the works and showed up for sale in the coming months.


Anyway, the TC05 is a no brainer and gets an easy recommendation for someone looking to buy a new OTG cable.

Thanks for reading!

– B9

Disclaimer Thanks to Lily with DDHiFi for sending over the TC05 for the purposes of review. The thoughts within this review are my subjective opinions based on over a month of use. They do not represent DDHiFi or any other entity. https://www.ddhifi.com/productinfo/469679.html / www.aliexpress.com/item/32961312907.html

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