DDHiFi C-2019: Hold Me, Daddy


Today we’re checking out a handy accessory for those of you out there that like to take plenty of gear with you, the C-2019 Brown from DDHiFi.

DDHiFi has been growing their reputation as a go-to brand for various portable audio accessories, such as cases for FiiO products, various adapters and cables, and more. The C-2019 “portable hifi handbag” we’re checking out today has proven to be an invaluable companion over the last month and a bit I’ve been using it.

Packaging is basically non-existent with the case being wrapped in a tastefully, minimalist cardboard sheath. The only other packaging byproducts can be found inside; a small silicone packet and an air-filled tube that prevents the C-2019 from being crushed during shipping. The lack of waste here is welcome. We all know DDHiFi could have easily crafted something notably more complicated and needlessly wasteful.

The C-2019 comes in black and brown configurations. Since I’m somewhat old-school and like earthy tones, I went with the brown version which in my opinion looks fantastic thanks to the contrasting black and silver of the zipper. The leathette patch containing the DDHiFi logo on the face is subtle but also adds to the overall visual appeal, though I do enjoy when products are logo’ed up more than a clean, featureless design.

While I’ve only been using it for about a month and a half, the C-2019 still looks and feels as it did brand new. That honestly shouldn’t come as a surprise. The exterior is made from 1680D oxford bifilar fabric which is more commonly used for luggage, fast food delivery bags, tents, etc. These are all high wear applications that will give you an idea of the sort of abuse the C-2019 can handle. This fabric also offers water resistance and according to DDHiFi should be good for an IPX3 or even an IPX4 rating. The chunky, high quality YKK zippers continue the trend of high end material usage. There is nothing worse than buying an expensive new jacket or bag only to have the zipper fail in a few months because the manufacturer decided to save a few cents going with a cheaper option. Seeing YKK used on a fairly affordable, 35 USD portable audio case was a pleasant surprise. Inside the C-2019 you will find a Taslon lining. Why should you care? This woven polyester fabric is highly resistant to wear and stains. It will also wick away moisture from something set against it, and dries extremely quickly. That’ll be a particularly handy feature if you’re storing your gear after an intense workout and miss wiping the sweat from a few areas. Everything is neatly sewn together without any loose strings or sloppy seams, with an exception found in the SD card pouches which look a somewhat haphazardly crafted.

Inside is plenty of storage and room for numerous items. The inner dimensions are plenty spacious at 190mm x 90mm x 40mm. Under the main flap you find two elasticized mesh storage nets and five slots for microSD memory cards. The main body of the case contains two wide elastic bands, helpful for securing your portable amp or dap in place, along with two removable Velcro dividers that can be used to compartmentalize the available space. During my time with the C-2019, I would use it to comfortably carry around the bulky EarMen TR-Amp, a 1/4″ adapter, some earphones, my Shanling M0, and the FiiO BTR3K. I also occasionally used it to carry my point-and-shoot cameras, such as the chunky Canon G15 which takes up a lot of room for a compact camera. The elastic hold-downs and Velcro dividers ensured it remained securely in place, with a few full sized SD cards slotting neatly into the smaller mesh pouch. Since I can’t go anywhere without music, my Shanling M0 and some select earphones would accompany it. Sorry G12 users, but the C-2019 can’t quite accommodate the sheer chonk of that meaty camera.

Do I have any complaints? Two actually. The first is that the Velcro straps are just a hint shorter than they need to be. While they do stretch the width of the case and function fine, they’d be just that much more secure if they were a few millimetres longer to allow all the Velcro material to be used. The C-2019 has a neat feature out one end, that being a cutout which you can string headphones through. This allows you to listen to your DAP without removing it from the protective case. Unfortunately, the cutout on this particular sample of C-2019 is too small to allow anything but tiny straight jacks through. None of my 90 degree angled jacks could fit through comfortably, or at all in most cases, making this feature little more than a novelty more often than not.

Overall the C-2019 is a versatile, well-constructed case with plenty of room to accommodate reasonably large devices, along with some earphones and accessories. The material choices are excellent and justify the 35 USD price tag which isn’t expensive, but not quite what I would consider budget either. That said, if you buy one it is very unlikely you’ll need to replace it anytime soon so that cost should go a long way.

Thanks for reading!

– B9


Disclaimer Thanks to Lily with DDHiFi for sending over the C-2019 for the purposes of review. The thoughts within this review are my subjective opinions based on over a month of use. They do not represent DDHiFi or any other entity. At the time of writing the C-2019 can be picked up for 35 USD: https://www.ddhifi.com/productinfo/1034789.html / https://www.aliexpress.com/item/4000037549946.html


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