Cozoy Takt C: Unboxing and Impressions


Today we find ourselves briefly checking out the Takt C. This is a Type C USB dongle from Cozoy, a brand probably best known for their DACs and amps. The Takt C currently retails for 115 USD and was provided by HiFiGo for the purposes for review.

Early impressions are mixed, so let’s look at what I’m enjoying. First of all, it really does sound stellar. It has a neutral, detailed signature that doesn’t add extra warmth or boost treble to enhance detail. It also has a nice black background free of hiss meaning it pairs exceptionally well (to a point, which we’ll get to in a second) with sensitive earphones like the Campfire Audio Atlas and Solaris. Those two products commonly hiss with most sources thanks to how picky they are, but you experience nothing of the sort with the Takt C.

Unfortunately, the rest of the experience is not as much to my liking. The buttons are tiny and difficult to disseminate, it gets uncomfortably hot during use, and the cable feels flimsy and delicate next to the more affordable XDuoo Link. I also find it too loud with most earphones and devices, so much so that I find it less than ideal for listening in quiet areas. To get around this, I have to pair it with lower sensitivity gear, or quiet things down with the iFi iEMatch. People who tend to listen loud certainly won’t have any problems, but as a very low volume listener I’ve got issues.

The Takt C unquestionably sounds awesome, but is that enough to overwhelm its shortcomings? I guess we’ll find out next week when I plan to release the full review. In the meantime, feel free to check out my thoughts on the XDuoo Link, my baseline product for this segment. Oh yeah, and since this is also an unboxing article, here are some pretty pictures.

Thanks for stopping by! Have an excellent week ahead. Stay safe, and healthy listening.

– B9

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