FiiO FH1s: Unboxing And Impressions


Today we’re taking a look at FiiO’s new FH1s and what you get in the box.

Initial impressions are fairly positive. Treble is well extended with decent air and detail giving the FH1s a fairly spacious presentation. Bass extends well and does a good job of avoiding over emphasizing either mid or sub-bass regions. Texturing is decent but I would like a bit more grit for artists like The Prodigy and Tobacco. Imaging, layering and separation all seem capable but I’ll need to spend more time with the earphone to gather my final thoughts on these aspects.

Mids are where I’m not quite on board thanks to what I’m assuming is a significant upper mid peak. Really need to see some measurements to be sure (Edit: saw some measurements and there are mid and upper mid peaks as suspected). There is plenty of detail and they are very clear, but vocals are quite bright, a bit too lean, and I oft find myself decreasing already moderate listening volumes to avoid being fatigued. I’ve spent a bit of time tip rolling to address this and have had the most success with long tips that pull the FH1s away from the concha; Spinfit, triple flange, etc. Foams will be used eventually but since I find them so inconvenient, that won’t happen until closer to the release of my review.

Build is plastic along the lines of similarly designed products from TFZ and KZ and has a stylish look with good fit and finish. I also really like the high quality copper Litz cable and that is uses common 0.78mm 2-pin fittings. Overall I expect this one to be a crowd pleaser. Hoping the mids calm down with use though.

Stay tuned for the full review. Thanks for stopping by. Stay safe and stay healthy.

– B9

**This is a sample provided by Hifigo for review. As always, any impressions are mine and mine alone, uninfluenced by FiiO or Hifigo.**

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