Dunu DM-480 Unboxing


Just a little picture dump to show you what you get with the new Dunu DM-480.

Case is really nice with a grippy, textured fabric and contrasting stitching. Inside there is plenty of room for the iems, cable, and spare tips, and it’s slender enough to comfortably fit in the average pocket. The included tips are excellent, especially the blue cored set. They remind me of the old red tips that came with the Titan 1. Those are some of my favorite tips thanks to their durable materials and excellent ability to seal consistently. They were a pleasant surprise. The cable is fairly standard and good for the price. I wish the plugs were recessed or protected in some way from bends though, since all pressure is being taken up by the pins. This was a complaint I had with many TFZ iems.

Not a jam packed accessory kit, but a high quality one. Good stuff so far. Sound impressions will be posted to my Facebook group soon: https://www.facebook.com/groups/thecontraptionist/

– B9Scrambler

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