KZ ZS10 Pro: First Look



Today we’re taking a quick first look at the new ZS10 Pro.


The ZS10 Pro follows hot on the heels of the new ZST Pro and is an update to the ZS10, as you might expect from the name. The ZS10 Pro shares a driver layout with the original, one dynamic driver, four balanced armatures per side. Besides the name and driver layout, that’s about all the two have in common.

With the ZS10 pro, gone is the some what large, bulbous shell of the original. No longer is the crossover the main attraction to the design. Instead, the ZS10 Pro takes from the original ZSN. It uses the same high quality acrylic shell with metal faceplate and angular grooves.  Where the ZSN’s faceplate was a matte gunmetal color, the polished steel of the ZS10 Pro is bright and reflective. It looks pretty sick in my opinion. Comfort is excellent, as is the 26dB of noise isolation.


When it comes to sound, this is one of the few iems where adding the “Pro” moniker actually makes sense. The ZS10 Pro dials down the bass quantity significantly. Extension is still excellent at 7Hz with improved texture, speed, and control, with the mid-bass hump of the original ZS10 nowhere to be seen. Both the mid-range and treble are brought up too making the ZS10 Pro brighter and leaner than it’s predecessor. Where the ZS10 was a very mellow, laid back experience with a bass bias, the ZS10 Pro is much more balanced and aggressive. Detail and clarity from the four armatures handling the mids and treble is impressive as well.

Be on the lookout for a full review soon. If you want to see some comparisons to specific earphones in the final review, let me know in the comments and I’ll do my best to cover your suggestions.


Thanks for reading!

– B9Scrambler

**Thanks to Linsoul Audio for sending over a sample of the ZS10 Pro for review. The thoughts in the preview are my own, and do not represent anyone but myself. **



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