Brainwavz B200: First Impressions


A couple years back Brainwavz announced they were going to be releasing a new lineup of armature-only models which included a number of models with one, two, three or four armatures per earphone. As you might be able to guess from the name, the B200 was the dual-armature model.

Early versions of the B200 shared it’s housings and cable with the more budget friendly B100 and B150, both single armature models. Shortly after the release of the B400, once Brainwavz had refined their 3D printing process enough for retail purposes, the B200 saw a pretty significant revision. Gone was the glossy piano black plastic housing with fixed cables in favour of a housing akin to the B400 with the addition of removable MMCX equipped cables. Version 2 is what I have on hand here.

Build is very much like the Frosty B400 but much smaller than I was expecting. It sits somewhere in size between the B100 and B400. Overall fit and finish seems solid though I have experienced some cutting out of the right ear piece with the mobile cable only. One thing I would like to see Brainwavz add is their logo or some visual flourish as the B200 looks quite plain without it. Regardless, these little housings are supremely comfortable and so far have been amazing for the few long listening sessions I’ve put them through.

Two cables are included. Both use the same twisted strands covered in a semi-stiff black sheath, though with different hardware. The microphone equipped cable swaps out the rubber 45 degree jack and y-split for compact metal options. Both have the same amazing performed ear guides introduced with the original B100 and B150, something I’m glad Brainwavz stuck with. They work so well. In addition to the cables, you also get a number of tips, including red (!!!) Comply foams, and a classic Brainwavz case.

When it comes to sound, the B200 is pretty light on bass though extension is decent. The magic seems to lay in the mids which are quite prominent and articulate. I have noticed some mild sibilance here and there but I’m still determining if it’s caused by the track or the earphone. Treble seems to extend well and has a really even upper and lower region balance. There are no uncomfortable peaks I can detect and in general the listening experience is smooth and relaxed. Sound stage feels good with effects being tossed out just beyond the head. Channel to channel imaging seems accurate so far without any dead zones or vagueness anywhere. I’ll need to spend more time testing layering and separation, but so far so good, even with quick metal from bands like Havok. Overall the B200 is shaping up to be a solid performer with a detailed tune and solid technical ability.

I’ll have a full review up in the coming weeks so keep your eyes peeled. You can head over to in the meantime to check them out if interested:

Thanks for reading!

– B9Scrambler


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