Astrotec Lyra Nature: Preview



A short while ago a rep from Astrotec reached out to see if I would be interested in checking out the new Lyra. All I really knew at the time was that one was in the works and that it would have a removable cable, as per the teasers they had dropped. I had no idea when it would be ready, the specs or the price and, and certainly not that it was ready for prime time. Enter the Lyra Nature.

The packaging is very similar to the Lyra collection models but this time with some silver stars dotting the cover. On the back you find the following specifications:

  • Driver: 15mm dynamic
  • Frequency Response: 10 Hz – 40,000 Hz
  • Impedance: 32 ohms
  • Sensitivity: 110 dB/1 mW
  • Cable: Silver plated MMCX
  • Input: 5 mW
  • Maximum Input: 20 mW

Inside are some more familiar sights, but altered. The outstanding rectangular case included with the Lyra Collection buds has been rounded off around the sides and sees improvements to the construction. The leatherette surface is neater and the lid shuts with a tighter, more even seam. The cable looks to be the same high quality silver-plated one that was included with the BX70 as an alternative to the Bluetooth module.


The ear buds themselves look a lot like the rest of the Lyra collection with their distinctive micro-bead filter on the rear, and + sign grilles. The small protrusion that held the fixed cables on the Lyra Classic, 32 ohm, and 150 ohm has been enlarged slightly. This was done to accommodate the smoothly integrated MMCX ports. Construction overall matches the high standards set by the other Lyra models.

The included cable has preformed ear guides suggesting Astrotec is expecting users to wear these cable over ear. With the older models I always wore them cable down because I otherwise couldn’t get a solid seal and lost out on bass quantity. This change took some getting used to, though I was quick to acclimatize thanks to the ear guides which helped keep the fit consistent.

The Nature has some natural warmth to it’s presentation with a nice shimmer up top. I’m tempted to call it w-shaped since no aspect of the signature sounds recessed but it certainly isn’t neutral. The low end has impressive depth for an ear bud and can even properly produce the rumbling bass line during the opening of Kavinski’s “Solli”. The only other bud I have that can match the Nature on that track is the HE 150Pro, though the Nature offers up more texture and better control. The mid-range is typical ear bud. Forward and lush with lots of weight and great clarity, if not a touch thick with some female vocalists like Riya. The Nature easily reproduced the unique vocal stylings of Jessie. J, Ariana Grande, and Nicki Minaj on “Bang Bang”, and best of all it didn’t make Nicki sound nasally. Performing a frequency sweep, the Nature holds on strong until about 14k where it seems to have a fairly strong dip, though I can still barely hear it up until around 17k where my hearing drops off. Along with it’s decent extension, the Nature’s treble presentation is very clean and tight. While it doesn’t shimmer and sparkle excessively, the Nature has just enough emphasis in the brilliance region to give cymbals and chimes some natural sheen, and the sound stage lots of space. I find it energetic but not offensive and as a result I’ve been able to put down some pretty long listening sessions before fatigue set in.


The last couple weeks I’ve spent with the Nature have been fantastic and it’s vying with the Lyra 150 ohm as my favorite of the lineup. At this time I have no idea what the retail price will be, but when the full review is ready I’ll make sure that’s covered and a link to the product page provided as it does not yet exist.

I’m really glad Astrotec has continued with the Lyra lineup. Ear buds are still a bit of a niche product but they have a loyal and vocal fan bass, and more premium offerings like this are an absolute treat for those who love the format.

Thanks for reading, and keep an eye out for the final review.

– B9Scrambler


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