Black Friday Ideas


I’m not usually one to hop on the holiday spam train. However, with Black Friday being advertised up the wazoo, most of my readers being from the U.S, and the shop that’s been so kind as to send over a number of products for review having a sale (Linsoul), it seems like an apt time to toss out a few suggestions for those that were planning to buy something anyway.

Below are some of the earphones I think are worth dropping your hard-earned cash on. Items would need to be purchased through Code is LINSOUL2018. Have fun! Listen responsibly. *EDIT: Code might not work with everything here.*

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If you weren’t expecting to see at least one KZ somewhere on this list, you must be new to the site. At a normal price of around 20 USD the ZSN is a no brainer. They have a cool design and outstanding build with KZ’s newly updated 2-pin connectors and preformed ear guides. Their dual-driver hybrid setup outputs a detailed v-shaped signature with the punchy low end and all-around clarity being standouts. If you want to read my full review of it, click here.

(Amazon Link)

TinHiFi T2 / T2 Pro

The T2 is one of the best ~50 USD earphones I’ve heard, full stop. It does a near-neutral signature right, wrapping it up in a durable metal shell and a simple but very cool unboxing experience. The T2 Pro more or less maintains the reserved low end of the original T2 while adding in some extra treble to the affect of a slightly leaner sound, larger sound stage, and more shimmer up top. I personally think the regular T2 is still the one to get. You can check out more complete thoughts on TinAudio/TinHiFi’s gear here.

T2 (Amazon Link)

T2 Pro (Amazon Link)


KZ’s first all-balanced armature earphone was in my opinion a complete success right out of the gate. With five armatures per side, it outputs a well-balanced sound with some pretty amazing bass given there is a BA handling it, and it was KZ’s first go at bass without a dynamic driver. Plus, it looks pretty cool with the crossover showing through the faceplate. This is one of my favorites for of the year and if you’ve not experienced an all-balanced armature earphone before, is a great way to check out what they have to offer. You can check out my full review here.

(Amazon Link)


BGVP really didn’t do anything to wow me prior to this release, but they’re definitely on my radar now. The DMG features a hybrid setup with four balanced armatures and two dynamic drivers per side. That’s a ton of drivers giving BGVP plenty of opportunity to mess up the tuning. Thankfully, they didn’t. Bass is the dominating factor followed by a slightly lean but very crisp, detailed, and well-toned mid-range. A fairly reserved treble region takes up the rear rounding out a signature that is very detailed yet easy on the ears. Wrap it in a comfortable metal shell and throw in some tuning filters for good measure, and the DMG gets an easy recommendation. You can check out some more comprehensive thoughts on it here.

(Amazon Link)

Tenhz P4 Pro

Last but not least, we have the P4 Pro. If the AS10’s tuning doesn’t sound like your thing and you want neutral but you’re bored of dynamic drivers, ruling out the T2, the P4 Pro might just be your ticket. With a quad-armature setup, including a quality Knowles driver handling the low end, the P4 Pro is neutral with a sprinkle of added mid-range for good emphasis. Plus is looks understated and mature. It’s a nice earphone. You can check out my full review here if you’re so inclined.

(Amazon Link)

That’s all for now. I hope some of you found this helpful and get some cool stuff during Black Friday. Have an awesome week and see in the next review!

– B9Scrambler



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  1. Hernán Jorge Bueno Galdos

    Hi B9Scrambler, it’s me again, as you’ve been hoping very well, maybe this is not the right thread or make a post with this topic, but with your permission I’ll write here.

    Today began the Aliexpress anniversary promotion, and I’m looking at many good promotions, such as: the yinyoo v2 at $ 36, the t2 audio at $ 29, t2 galaxy at $ 53 and the exclusive king tfz at $ 69 etc. .. can you go through the page and make a list of the best promotions according to your point of view? maybe you also encourage yourself to buy something .. haha.



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