ADVANCED GT3 Superbass: Preview


Today we’re taking a quick first look at a new variant of the GT3 from ADVANCED, the Superbass.

Earlier this year the GT3 hit the market and impressed with it’s extremely quick and well controlled drivers that output a bright and detailed signature. The Superbass looks almost the same, but with an ominous new paint job that hints at what lies within; an experience that turns the original GT3’s signature on it’s head.

The Superbass, as it’s name not so subtly implies, places it’s focus on the low end. Compared to the original GT3 which emphasized upper mids and treble, the Superbass downplays those regions from around 4k on and gives the bass region a small boost from around 100Hz down. What this results in is an earphone with a very obvious bias towards bass.

So far I’ve spent most of my time fairly evenly split between the “reference” and “treble filters”. With either, the Superbass is smooth, non-fatiguing, and to my surprise still manages to retain much of the excellent clarity and detail of the standard GT3, at least in the mid-range and bass. Vocals are full and rich with lots of body and good presence. There is surprisingly little in the way of bleed from the upper bass to muddy things up. Timbre I found to be more accurate on the Superbass. Due to the reduced upper range presence, the Superbass loses much of the airness of the regular GT3 and ends up carrying a much darker tone with reduced clarity. Thankfully, sound stage didn’t take a hit at all and the Superbass still manages to provide a spacious feel with good depth. Overall I found it’s signature pretty much the complete opposite of the original GT3 and perfect for all of you out there who are sensitive to treble peaks and/or love a signature that makes bass the priority.

When it comes to physical aspects, the Superbass seems identical to the original GT3 with some gorgeously crafted steel housings and a new paint job. Fit and comfort are the same, both quite decent. You get the same swath of accessories too, including both a mobile cable with inline mic and a silver-plated audiophile cable. It’s a quite complete and high quality accessory kit that shouldn’t need replacing

Thank for reading! Be on the lookout for a full review soon.

– B9Scrambler

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