Astrotec Delphinus 5: Preview



Today we’re taking a quick look at the new Delphinus 5 (D5) from Astrotec.


The D5 features gorgeous angular metal shells with MMCX equipped removable cables and five Knowles balanced armature (BA) drivers per side. Inside the box is a comprehensive accessory kit that includes the D5, a cable, a large waterproof carrying case, three pairs of single flange silicone tips, four pairs of foam tips, an airplane adapter, and a locking carabiner for clipping the case to your bag or belt loop.




After running through Porcupine Tree’s “Stupid Dream” from start to finish, I am so far truly impressed with what Astrotec has accomplished. The D5 is quite neutral with the most subtle of lifts in the low end. The mid-range is full and robust, blending perfectly with the rest of the presentation. Top to bottom, the D5 is detailed and clear with lots of texture and information. They are not cold and analytic, displaying a hint of warmth throughout. Like another Knowles based multi-driver earphone I happen to be a fan of, the D5 displays unmatched imaging, separation, and layering qualities compared to other products in my catalog. Unlike that other earphone, the D5 supports these engaging aspects of it’s presentation with a truly breathtaking sound stage that lets the music swirl and ebb freely around you. The guitar work that crops up halfway through “This Is No Rehearsal” completely envelops you as it moves from channel to channel, all with nigh perfect timbre.




Astrotec has outdone themselves with the D5 and as such this is a review I am truly looking forward to.

Thanks for reading!

– B9Scrambler

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A sample of the Delphinus 5 was provided by Astrotec for the purposes of review. All opinions are my own and do not represent Astrotec or any other entity.

You can check out the Delphinus 5 here on Astrotec’s Official AliExpress Store.

Want to meet other Astrotec fans? Visit the Astrotec Official User Club over on Facebook.


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