TFZ Exclusive King: Review Preview!



Today I’m bringing you a quick preview of the TFZ Exclusive King, a brand new earphone from the good folks at TFZ. Big thanks to Penon Audio for working with me on this review and sending over a complimentary sample. You can check them out here on Penon Audio’s site;

You might have heard of TFZ and their Series 1, 3, and 5 models which garnered lots of positive praise over on Head-fi for their smooth, bassy signature. “The King” takes TFZ in a new direction with a more treble and mid-range focused tuning that tones down the bass. Their frequency response of 5 Hz40 kHz shows The King can still dig plenty deep if it needs to.

First impressions are very positive with The King posting up impressive detail and clarity while maintaining a very smooth sound, right out of the box. They sound huge, like the Havi B3 Pro I (and II) and BeB Model 1200EX. In fact, I have a good feeling these are going to give the 1200EX a serious run for their money as one of the best single dynamic driver earphones I’ve tried in the sub-150 USD category.

I’ll be posting a review in the coming weeks, so keep your eyes peeled! In the meantime, here’s an unboxing;

Thanks for stopping by.

– B9Scrambler


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