Fischer Audio Omega Spark: Unboxing!


Welcome back friends. Today I have for you an unboxing video of the Fischer Audio Omega Spark.

The Spark is the middle child in Fischer Audio’s Omega lineup sitting comfortably between the Ace and Twin. It’s got a 7mm driver, a very low profile and compact housing, and built in ear guides with memory wire to show off their athletic prowess.

While I haven’t put in a ton of listening time with them just yet, I’m really liking their signature which seems fitting for a product aimed at the athletics crowd. Bass digs deep and hits hard, they have a clear, though slightly recessed mid-range, and enthusiastic, sparkly treble that’s loaded with detail. The name is very fitting.

I hope you enjoy the video and am looking forward to bringing you a full review soon! Don’t hesitate to leave any comments. I’m always open to feedback as I’m still wrapping my head around this whole video thing, and am happy to answer any questions you may have about the Spark.

Thanks for stopping by!

– B9Scrambler


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