Aural Life: A Standing Ovation


Today we are going to be checking out a display stand from Aural Life.

Stands for full sized headphones are a pretty common site in the audiophile community, but options for earphone users seem to be limited at best. The team at Aural Life ran into the same issue so they took it upon themselves to offer the community their own solution.


I would like to thank Mik at Aural Life for providing a complimentary sample of their stand in exchange for a review. I am not receiving any financial compensation and all comments and views within are my honest opinions. They are not representative of Aural Life or any other entity.

You can check out and purchase their stand here on


The Stand:

The Aural Life stand is flawlessly crafted from acrylic. It is fairly small and unobtrusive with a modern design that draws your attention while still blending in naturally with the surrounding environment. The crystal clear acrylic used doesn’t obstruct your earphones allowing for full admiration by yourself and others.

The stand features two small u-shaped cradles upon which the earpiece housings rest. The notches cut into the cradles securely grasp each earpiece’s cable and strain relief, ensuring the earpieces stay in place. The earphone’s cable snakes down and threads through the front of the face plate, into the base which doubles as a storage compartment.

Using a three-finger wind and Aural Life’s hefty, rubberized and magnetic cable clip, the compartment was able to accommodate any cable I tried. From your average, thin, rubberized cable to large, ungainly flat cables, the Aural Life stand could store it all.

There were only two, very minor, nitpicky issues I ran across. One was with overly stiff cables. They had a tendency to slide the compartment lid back and out of place. Maybe having the lid enter at a raked angle would help with this? The other was with the hole in the face plate through which the cable was threaded into the storage compartment. I always had to pick up the stand to feed the cable back through so it could be used. This was somewhat inconvenient and led to many fingerprints. To make it more convenient for frequent use it would be nice if there were an easier way to slot the cable through the face place, such as through a hole in the side. For example;



The Aural Life stand doesn’t have a lot of competition that I’m aware of. The only other product I’ve tried that serves the same purpose is the Brainwavz Krudul Duo, though it goes about it’s business in a very different way. As a result, I feel they compliment each other quite nicely.

Also coming in at 14.99 USD, the Krudul Duo gives you two headphone holders crafted entirely from aluminum and painted matte black. Their design is more function-over-form, blending in without drawing any attention. Unlike the Aural Life stand, no one is going to take a second glance at the Duo and your earphones because they’re so attention grabbing.

The Duo are affixed in place by a very strong, double-sided adhesive. One holder is meant to be attached to a computer monitor, the other to a vertical surface. This is great and all, but it means the Krudul Duo is not suitable as a portable solution. The Aural Life stand can travel with you if needed, and easily be shifted around to a new location if you happen to be re-organizing.

Brainwavz’s offering can be more practical in that the earphones held are easier to access. You just lift them off the holder. That said, they lack any true cable management solution so the cable ends up dangling and getting in the way. The Aural Life stand’s base keeps your cable neatly wrapped up, secure, and out of the way.

The Krudul Duo hold your earphones. Aural Life’s stand displays your earphones, stashes the cable safely away, and looks classy all the while.


Final Thoughts:

Overall the Aural Life display stand is a beautiful way to show off your favorite pair of earphones. The price is right, it is well-built, and it can easily accommodate a number of different earphone and cable designs with ease.

If you are looking for an attractive and functional earphone stand, this is it. Look no further than Aural Life’s offering.

Thanks for reading!

– B9Scrambler

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