Brainwavz Hooka – Get hooked!

Greetings Head-fi,

Today we will be checking out a new headphone hanger from Brainwavz; the Hooka. This wonderful little product has a low MSRP of 17.95 USD, is constructed entirely of aluminum and with its simple yet detailed design, looks quite nice. Is it any good? I certainly think so. Let us find out why.


I want to thank Pandora and Brainwavz for hookaing (sorry) me up with this product in exchange for a fair and impartial review. The views expressed within this review are not representative of Brainwavz and I am not receiving any form of monetary compensation.


The Hooka comes in a compact plastic package with the hanger on full display via a generous viewing window that takes up the front and top sections of the package. The sides contain notification of the Hooka’s generous 24 month warranty and information on how to locate Brainwavz online, and through various social media outlets. The rear of the package contains two images of the Hooka with brief statements about its build quality and easy installation. Opening the package from the top reveals the Hooka nestled snugly in a separate plastic holder.

The packaging is simple and free of excess waste, using just enough material to keep the Hooka secure and safe from damage during transit.

The Hooka:

I knew little of the Hooka coming into this review, other than what I read on their website and that it looked to be closely related to the Truss, another of Brainwavz’s new headphone hangers. I was excited to try the Hooka after reading @Wokei’s enthusiastic review of the Truss. When it arrived was I pleasantly surprised at the quality.

The Hooka is an all-aluminum product with some thoughtful design flourishes. The seat where you hang your headphone is curved spreading the headphone’s weight across the headband. I find this helps to prevent unwanted dents and notches in the padding. There is a lip at the end of the arm holding the seat which keeps your headphone from sliding off. Should you be traveling with the Hooka and want it to take up even less space, it can be broken down into two small pieces simply by unscrewing the two bolts holding the seat in place.

For something built to such a relaxed price point, the Hooka’s build and material quality is excellent. The black-painted finish is flawless with the Brainwavz logo and name cleanly printed on the arm and base. I couldn’t find any flaws in the mold, and the double-sided 3M VBH tape was placed with OCD-like precision (this pleased me greatly). Speaking of double-sided tape, this stuff grips like it’s nobody’s business. It can’t hold the weight of a human being but I highly doubt there are any headphones out there heavy enough to cause any concerns.

Suggestions for Improvement:

The Hooka is a fantastic little hanger but I feel it is missing one critical feature and another that could be very handy if implemented in a future revision.

For someone wanting a more permanent mounting solution, since tape loses its grip over time, it would have been nice to see some holes drilled in the base to accommodate mounting via screws. I could certainly do this myself, but I doubt my worksmanship would be up to Brainwavz’s standards, harming the visual cleanliness of the Hooka in its stock form.

Given the size of this product, the ability to mount via a Velcro or rubber strap would be welcome. For someone that travels a lot and doesn’t like setting their headphones down on random surfaces, the ability to mount the Hooka via a reusable strap of some sort would be ace. It could be strapped to the leg of the desk in your room, the headboard of your bed, or a variety of other locations. I also find that clamps damage or mark surfaces. Using a well-designed strap system would allow for quick, painless mounting and the surface you attach it to would remain blemish free.


Brainwavz has put out yet another stellar product. The Hooka is well-built, features a mature design, can hold pretty much any headphone you throw at it, and is easy on the wallet. It would have been nice if double-sided tape was just one of a few mounting options, but it works well and can be overlooked especially when they are so well-built. Two thumbs up to Brainwavz for making a great headphone accessory.

Thank you again for giving me the opportunity to review the Hooka. I am excited to see what you have up your sleeve next!

Thanks for reading!

– B9Scrambler


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