Krudul Duo: Do the Duo!


Today we are going to be taking a look at another new headphone storage and organization product from Brainwavz, the Krudul Duo, though this particular item is more like two products in one.

Brainwavz is best known for their high quality earphones at affordable prices. This year, they have taken a large step towards providing customers with a number of hangers that help solve the problem of where to store and display your favorite headphones. From the versatile Hengja to the compact Hooka and the dual hanger Truss, Brainwavz covered their bases for headphone hangers. Now earphones are getting some love with the Kudul Duo, two hangers that cater to the smaller more portable noise makers in your collection.


I want to thank Pandora and Brainwavz sending me this product in exchange for a fair and impartial review. The views expressed within this review are not representative of Brainwavz and I am not receiving any form of monetary compensation.



The Krudul Duo comes in a compact plastic package with the hangers on full display via a generous viewing window that takes up the front section of the package. The sides contain notification of the Hooka’s generous 24 month warranty and information on how to locate Brainwavz online through their site and various social media outlets. The rear of the package contains four images of the Krudul Duo bring used in a variety of situations. Opening the package from the top reveals the Krudul Duo nestled snugly in a separate plastic holder.

Like the packaging used on the Hooka, it is simple and free of excess waste. Brainwavz used just enough material to keep the Krudul Duo secure and safe from damage during transit, and the viewing window makes it very retail friendly.


The Krudul Duo:

The the Krudul Duo arrived I immediately took some pictures and set out about a detailed examination to see what Brainwavz was going for with their design. Like the Hooka before them, the Krudul Duo is a quality product. Each hanger is made of one very neatly crafted piece of aluminum free of any blemishes. The fit and finish is perfect.

The sole mounting option is pre-installed, double-sided 3M VBH tape. This stuff is strong, maybe too strong for this application, but at least you’ll never have to worry about the hanger falling off whatever surface to decide to mount it to. If on the off-chance due to unstick and re-mount in various locations and the tape loses it adhesiveness, it’s easily replaceable from just about any office supply store.


The section that protrudes to hold your earphone is the same on each hanger with only the base differing. The Krudul Vertical is best used when mounted to a wall or other vertical surface, hence the name. I decided to stick mine to the leg of my desk so I always have an earphone within easy reach. On this particular hanger sits my critical listening earphones.

The Krudul Monitor is intended to be stuck to your monitor, hence the name once again. Since my laptop is hardly a laptop due to the size, weight, and lack of a working battery, up into the top left corner the Krudul went. This works perfectly for me when watching Youtube, writing reviews, or surfing the web because when I need an earphone, I just reach up and there is a set good to go. When I’m done I don’t have to unplug the earphone and store them, instead up they go on the hanger. It’s excellent. On this particular hanger I like to leave a pair that is very comfortable with a no fuss insertion. Something I can put in and take off at a moments notice.

Suggestions for Improvement:

As with the Hooka, using double sided adhesive as the sole mounting option isn’t ideal, at least for the Vertical. It would have been nice to see the option to mount via screws. Adhesive is a perfectly fine solution for mounting the Monitor given where it is intended to reside.



The Krudul Duo is a pretty nice product. Their build quality is outstanding, the design is understated and attractive, and the price is right. I love that Brainwavz chose to stick with an aluminum build since they could just as easily have gone with plastic and charged the same amount. These will never be challenged by a heavy earphone and have no issues holding headphones if that’s what you want them to do. I always appreciate when a company over-engineers a product, which is exactly what Brainwavz did with the Krudul Duo.

Great job Brainwavz. I’m excited to see what you come up with next.

Thanks for reading!

– B9Scrambler

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