Accutone Pavo: Review Preview!


Last month I reached out to Accutone about a new dual dynamic driver earphone they are releasing, the Pavo.

What caught my attention was it’s similarity to a few earphones from the brand that started this all for me, namely the NarMoo W1M and B2M twins, and to a lesser extent the S1. I could see that the Pavo shared the same updated housing as the W1M/B2M, and the same driver configuration as these earphones; a 6mm for treble/mids and a 10mm taking on the low end. I absolutely love my NarMoos and wanted to see if the Pavo would bring a new sound to this well-designed housing, or if they were simply a rebrand.

To my great appreciation, Accutone’s Marketing Director Ada Lee responded to state they would be happy to send over a review copy and put me in touch with their Marketing Assistant, Jensen So. Jenson promptly had a review sample sent over which I’ve been using as my primary earphone over the last few days.


Accutone Pavo


NarMoo W1M/B2M

While we are still in the very early impressions phase of my review, things are off to a good start. My fear of them being a simple rebrand has been quelled. While the Pavo’s excellent build is identical to the W1M/B2M (housing, y-split, inline mic/controller, jack, etc.), it brings it’s own unique, high energy sound to this simple but very comfortable housing.

I’m looking forward to spending more time with this earphone and to my final review. The planned release price for the Pavo is 51 USD. This seems like it will be a pretty fair price when taking into account the combination of build quality, accessories, and sound. If you want to check out Accutone’s original release statement for the Pavo, just follow this link.

Expect to see my final review up within the next few weeks. Next in line after the Pavo is LZ’s A2S dual driver featuring a hybrid dual driver setup; one balanced armature driver, one dynamic driver. I may also be getting in a very interesting product that I am quite excited about. It uses some very unique tech to help prevent hearing loss, or for those already experiencing it, tailor the sound output to compensate for damage already done. More to come!

Thanks for reading.

– B9Scrambler


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